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Custom playing cards with 54 unique illustrations depicting architecture, transportation, and culture of (uncommonly known) ‘Soul Sister Cities’ Mumbai and New York. The design takes into account the structural and iconographic hierarchy required for these to be functional and visually intriguing. Each value (Ace, 2, 3...) is assigned a topic and the illustrations for them are elements placed opposite each other that are exact city equivalents. For example, the Wall St Bull is placed opposite Mumbai's Financial Area on the number 5 card to reflect that both cities are financial capitals of their own countries. This project is my attempt at bringing two cities placed on opposite sides of the earth, just a little closer.

Deck of Cards

An Instagram AR filter resembeling a portal created using Spark AR to give users a glimpse of the two cities. The user could walk up to the portal and look through to footage recorded in New York City in this example to get a bit of magic even before they visit.

Coldstone Creamery

Magic & Morsels

Unmasked Conference

More Projects :

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